Agile Canines formally evolved in 2007 in Barrie, Ontario. Created and led by Sandra Bourne, we are a small, enthusiastic group training, competing, and playing in agility with dogs of many breeds and talents.  Although we focus primarily on agility, most of our dogs and students do dabble in other canine sports as well, including: disc, herding, competitive obedience, flyball, and dock dogs.

Our focus is to keep things positive, set goals and love spending time with our dogs.

Since 2000, many of the Agile Canines have competed at the regional and national levels in Agility. We consistently achieve top honours there; check out our student brags page for recent accolades!

Agile Canines demo team, Canada Day 2010      Sandra & students in Calgary, AB for 2010 AAC Nationals   

About Sandra Bourne

Sandra has been training dogs professionally since 1995 in the Barrie, Ontario and surrounding areas and in some way most of her life. In May of 2000 she founded Barrie Canine Connection, a full service training, grooming and daycare facility in Barrie, Ontario. Since selling Barrie Canine in 2007, Sandra is concentrating on competitive agility: training and campaigning her own dogs at the National level. She also offers workshops, private lessons and in-home behavioural consultations.

Sandra's interest in training started in childhood, training several show horses and preparing them for competition and pleasure riding. It was a natural transition to start formalizing her interests with dogs. Sandra was always heavily involved with animals of many kinds. Anything furry could be trained and was!

Sandra has been training, competing, and titling dogs for over 14 years in obedience, conformation, agility, herding, dock dogs, and flyball. For the past 12 years she has concentrated on agility, titling multiple dogs. Sandra was introduced to the world of agility through her golden retriever Montana.  Montana worked to the Masters level in agility, trialled in competitive obedience winning a high in trial, and dabbled in flyball.  Montana passed away at the age of 4 due to internal complications. Sandra thanks Montana for changing her life's path forever. 

Sandra's next agility partner was a dog named Breezy. A high drive, full of life border collie, she was dropped off at Sandra's business due to owners that could not find an outlet for all her pent up energy and zest for life. Breezy competed in all dog sports; she excelled at everything she attempted, a real natural athlete. Breezy won many regional and national classes.  In 2010 Breezy placed 4th at the AAC Ontario Regionals.  Breezy was well known for her tremendous gamble skills, not many dogs could beat her. Breezy was a star at dock dogs jumping 21 ft, flyball speeds of 3.8-3.9's, a passion for disc dog she loved to leap as high as she could and was always a crowd pleaser when she played. Whatever she did she always put in 110%. Breezy suffered a stroke in October of 2010 which left her back left leg paralysed. At the age of ten Breezy was retired from agility but has largely recovered from the paralysis and continues to run and play at full throttle as only Breezy can, giving new meaning to the concept of retirement!

Also recently semi-retired is Sandra's next agility dog, Rayne, a nine year old border collie who was also a rescue.  Rayne has completed numerous titles in AAC, NADAC, and CKC. She has qualified for the AAC Nationals each year since 2002 and competed in a number of national events. In 2008 Rayne was 9th in Canada, in 2009 she was 2nd in Canada in the very competitive 22" regular division, and then in 2010 Rayne was 2nd in Canada in the 16" specials division. She went on to WIN the 2011 Ontario Regionals in 16" specials and finished 2nd at the 2011 Canadian Nationals in her final year of trialling with Sandra.  Rayne now runs with her junior handler, Victoria, age 6, sharing the joys of running agility at full border collie speed with the next generation!

Sandra's current competitive agility dog, Finn, a two year old border collie, is up and coming and having a blast! He is a talented, focused young dog with a great future.  Finn recently started trialing and testing his skills with great results: earning a DAM Team Qualifier for USDAA 2011 Cynosport, earning a 3rd place overall finish in the 26" regular division at the 2011 Ontario East Regional AAC Championship, and earning placings at Canada Cup and Canadian Open in Alberta.

The newest addition to the Bourne crew is little Mya, a one year old papillion with spunk and drive to rival the big dogs!  Mya is in training and we look forward to watching her tear up the turf in the near future!

Sisters Breezy and Rayne will be teaching these youngsters many great talents we are sure!

Sandra & Rayne competing at 2009 AAC Nationals        Sandra & Breezy achieving their ATChC        Sandra & Breezy competing at AAC Ontario Regionals 2008